Spring Mountain Gallery

Serving the Half Moon Bay Coastside Since 1980

                     Photoshop Services by Deb Wong

  • Photo Restorations: If you have a photo that is scratched or worn, has cracks, pits and other flaws, we can scan your photo, then take out scratches, tears, etc., and make restored prints for you. 
  • Color to B&W -Photos can go from color to B&W or sepia/antique tone.
  • Cosmetic touch-ups on portraits: Taking out unwanted facial         blemishes, whitening teeth, thin face or body, etc.   
  • Change of Background
  • Photo Alterations: Removing, changing, or adding elements or people.

Change of background.

  • Flyers, Brochures and Business cards

Archive Your Photos:  We scan and  digitize your photos, slides and negatives.